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ThopTV for Linux: presents the Linux version of the popular software, ThopTV. Continue reading this article to know more about ThopTV for Linux. There are many versions of this world-famous software available. Some of them are ThopTV for Android, for Windows, for iOS and iPhone and for mac. Today, Linux is a very popular operating system (OS).

It is lightweight and is more powerful. As a result, many users and developers generally prefer Linux. So it is quite common that for such a popular operating system, ThopTV software should be launched. Its demand was growing quite faster. And the developers of the software have acted accordingly and made it. Read more to know all the details about the Linux version of this excellent software.

What is ThopTV for Linux?

To begin, ThopTV is a software for Linux. The software falls in the category of entertainment software. This software lets users view thousands of TV channels from every possible corner of the world and enjoy. In addition to TV channels, it also provides the user with numerous movie channels. On those channels, the user can watch their favourite movies completely for free. 

This software is made for all kinds of users. Adults, teens, children and toddlers. ThopTV for Linux has something for everyone so that everyone can enjoy.

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Features of ThopTV for Linux:

  • Firstly, this software is actually the cheapest and easiest method for those who watch premium and free movies.
  • Secondly, here you can also streaming live cricket matches and other sports matches.
  • Accidentally missed a show? Don’t worry, ThopTV allows you to watch missed shows and episodes anywhere and at any time.
  • Next, this software has up to 5000 radio channels from all around the globe, only for you.
  • Moreover, here you can watch content in high resolutions such as HD, Full HD and also in multiple audio formats.
  • There are two options for players in this software. The first one is the in-built player. But if that fails, you can use other external players to play it.
  • All shows, videos, movies, web-series, films provided by this software has subtitles. This lets you enjoy them without language being a barrier.
  • ThopTV is also present in Telegram. There it provides 24 hours un-interrupted and lives user support to its valuable users.
  • Last but not least, all the services provided here are completely free of cost.

How to install ThopTV on your Linux OS:

Linux is a very popular and powerful operating system (OS) in today’s world. Although many users use it, the majority of developers use this operating system. The functionalities in Linux are a bit different and complex. Installing software in Linux can be tricky. However, by reading the following points, you can easily install ThopTV for Linux.

  1. The first step is to download the ThopTV Installer (.deb extension) from the link provided here. It is completely free.
  2. Once the download completes, locate the downloaded file. You can find it in the downland location that you specified at the beginning of the download.
  3. The file will have a .deb extension. To open it, double click on it.
  4. On opening, the file asks for a password from the user.
  5. In the password field, type in the admin password of the user account of your Linux operating system.
  6. Next, click on install.
  7. Once the installation begins, wait for a few minutes. ThopTV will install itself and all the required components in your machine.
  8. Once the download is successfully complete, you will get a confirmation.
  9. On receiving the confirmation, open the software and enjoy.
  10. Thank you for downloading and installing the software.


So this was an in-depth article on the ThopTV software for Linux. Hurry up. Download it and enjoy it. 

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